Paid inclusion is a process which can be applied only to the Yahoo! index at this time (*of the three major search engines Google, Yahoo! and MSN).

It provides etailers with an opportunity to "feed" information about their web pages directly into the Yahoo! index. For those e-commerce/shopping-cart sites which have hundreds of thousands of pages (maybe even millions) it is a convenient way of managing the content of rapidly changing pages i.e. sale items and special promotions.

However, it is not a silver bullet to ranking at Yahoo! The official line with Yahoo! search marketing is that they can guarantee inclusion to their index but provide no special treatment where ranking is concerned. Those pages which are discovered by end users in the results will be subject to a CPC (cost per click) charge.

Using an XML feed we'll help you discover and manage relevant pages from your web site to feed directly into the Yahoo! index. And then we'll help you monitor and manage costs to achieve the maximum ROI.

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