Perhaps the most important element of all in any SEO campaign is the link building aspect. Why is link building so important? Take a look at the page on search engine algorithms to find out.

At Searchvisible, we like to think of link building as being more "business development" than just looking for links. It's all about having a value proposition.

In the first instance, we do the truth test: take a look at your web site and write down ten reasons why somebody should link to it. If your content is just not compelling enough to hold a visitor's attention, then be sure, nobody will want to link to it. So we need to talk content, content, content. By the way, what is content? Well, we'd like to discuss that with you!

And next we'd like to talk about tactical advertising campaigns, sales promotion, public relations and joint venture opportunities. Why? We'd like to discuss that with you also.

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